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We are developing several imaging IC and system products 

Our R&D results are available as standard IP products that can be embedded in our customer's systems as a turnkey solution. For example, standard IP is available in the following domains:


  • Low power data converters -  We have developed several advanced ADCs and DACs that are benchmark in power efficiency. 

  • Advanced biasing methodologies -  Biases that track environmental conditions to a few parts per million level, track process variations and track frequency of operation to scale power.

  • Embedded systems for several sensors -  SAAZ has several systems that are configured for various standard image sensors.

  • Low power and compact camera systems -  Advanced IP in extremely low power and compact data acquisition systems and signal processing hardware and software.

  • High speed data links -  SAAZ has several systems that offer high speed chip to chip connectivity solutions for large data transfer.

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